System Transformation Program – Your feedback will help to shape how you report to AUSTRAC

AUSTRAC’s System Transformation Program aims to deliver a modern, engaging and user-friendly portal, with improved reporting capability and self-service options to help you meet your regulatory obligations.

Members of the Customer Advisory Group for the Program recently participated in a series of workshops and 1:1 interviews to provide feedback on ‘what works and what doesn’t work in AUSTRAC Online today’. Additionally, 71 responses were received to the survey on the current usability of AUSTRAC Online. 

This feedback provided great insights into current pain points and opportunities to improve how you engage with and report to AUSTRAC.

The top four key pain points of using AUSTRAC Online identified through the workshops and interviews were:

  1. The design of the suspicious matter reporting (SMR) report and process (priority issue of 44% of REs)
  2. User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) navigation (priority issue of 32% of REs)
  3. Guidance and support (priority issue of 28% of REs)
  4. The need for greater automation and introduction of an application programming interface (API) (priority issue of  24% of REs)

The survey confirmed that the priority issues the group identified is for AUSTRAC Online to be easier to navigate and tailored experience to suit your business. An additional priority raised in the survey was that you would like the ability to access your previously submitted transaction reports

The System Transformation Program will bring substantial changes to the use of AUSTRAC Online. Some of the proposed changes that address these particular pain points include:

  1. Review the design of the SMR report structure to ensure it can be used by all current and emerging industries and scenarios. 
  2. Improve the user interface and navigation of AUSTRAC Online, to ensure it is tailored to what you need regardless of industry. 
  3. Provide improved industry specific guidance AUSTRAC Online on your obligations and improve feedback on how the information you provide information is used by AUSTRAC.
  4. Automate more functions of AUSTRAC Online including the introduction of APIs for easier access to automated and faster reporting options.
  5. A dashboard to view and correct any submitted transaction reports.  

Over the course of the System Transformation Program we will continue to collect and review feedback about how we can improve processes and your experience with AUSTRAC Online.

If you have any questions, or would like to participate in the Customer Advisory Group, please email