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The AUSTRAC Online user guide will answer most of your questions about managing your account.

Accessing your AUSTRAC Online account 

An AUSTRAC Online business account is created for your business or organisation when we’ve processed your AUSTRAC business profile form (ABPF).

If you requested AUSTRAC Online access when you submitted your ABPF, you will be emailed a login name and password to access the AUSTRAC Online business account as an ‘administrator’.

Access your account via the AUSTRAC Online login page.

User ID

Your administrator can tell you what your AUSTRAC Online user ID is.

If you don't know who your administrator is, contact us.

Lost or forgotten password

If you’ve lost or forgotten your password:

  • go to the AUSTRAC Online login page
  • click the Forgot your password? link located directly below the Login link
  • enter your user ID (this is usually your email address)
  • click Submit
  • AUSTRAC will automatically email a temporary password to your nominated contact email address.

If you’ve forgotten your user ID and it’s not your email address, contact your business or organisation’s AUSTRAC Online administrator.

Types of AUSTRAC Online access

There are three different levels of access to AUSTRAC Online.


Number available: four per account

Those with full access to your AUSTRAC Online business account can:

  • keep your business details up to date
  • create and deactivate contact and user accounts
  • reset passwords for other users
  • change user privileges
  • create all reports
  • submit all reports.

Administrators are responsible for:

  • maintaining all contacts and users for your account
  • managing user privileges to give users the access they need (for example, to create and submit transaction reports).

Approval and Submission (limited access)

Number available: unlimited

Those with approval and submission access can:

  • create transaction reports
  • submit transaction reports
  • verify and submit transaction reports awaiting approval.

Data Entry (limited access)

Number available: unlimited

Those with data entry access have limited access to create and enter data into transaction reports.

Appointing a new administrator

If your administrator has left the organisation, use the AUSTRAC Online user access form (Word, 75KB) to get access for a new administrator.

Updating your AUSTRAC Online account details

To change your contact details or password:

  • log in to AUSTRAC Online and select the My Details quick link
  • your user account details will be displayed on the screen
  • choose either  Update my details or Change my password at the top of the screen.

If you no longer need access to AUSTRAC Online

If your business or organisation has ceased operating, or if your business or organisation no longer offers designated services, you must request to be removed from AUSTRAC's Reporting Entities Roll or registers.

You can submit your request via the Reporting Entities Roll removal form available in the Business Profile of your AUSTRAC Online account.

If you are a solicitor or motor vehicle dealer with an AUSTRAC Online account for reporting under the Financial Transaction Reports Act, you should contact us to request that your account be deactivated rather than submitting a form.

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Last updated: 25 Jan 2024
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