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Recent updates

1 April 2020

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the restrictions on the movement of people and goods is changing the demand for products and services across sectors. AUSTRAC and our law enforcement and national intelligence partners are monitoring and preparing for a shift in the risks that criminals may pose to the financial system and the community.

27 March 2020

The COVID-19 global pandemic is impacting all Australians and Australian businesses. AUSTRAC acknowledges that this is an unprecedented time for the superannuation sector.

16 January 2020

In December, we wrapped up our community campaign targeting illegal money transfer dealers, or unregistered remittance dealers. The campaign ran from August to November and focused on raising public awareness and educating communities about the risks they pose.

Unregistered money transfer dealers represent a real threat to Australian communities as they are at high risk of being targeted by criminals to launder money to fund their activities. They also negatively impact the reputation of registered money transfer providers who are trying to do the right thing. 

9 January 2020

If you or your customers are in a bushfire affected part of Australia, here’s what you need to know.