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Detailed guidance
Regulatory guide
12 Dec 2023
AUSTRAC’s regulatory priorities 2024
AUSTRAC’s 2024 regulatory priorities focus on hardening the sectors we regulate against criminal misuse. We aim to build resilience in these sectors against money laundering, terrorism financing and…
Detailed guidance
28 Sep 2023
Carrying out applicable customer identification procedures after creating an online gambling account
About this guidance This guidance applies only to online gambling service providers. Online gambling service providers may carry out applicable customer identification procedures (ACIP) after…
Detailed guidance
30 Mar 2023
Guidance for indicators of suspicious activity for pubs and clubs
This list of indicators will help you identify potential money laundering, terrorism financing and other serious and organised criminal activity involving electronic gaming machine venues. This…
30 Mar 2023
Recognise and prevent money laundering in poker venues
Identifying and reporting potential money laundering to AUSTRAC is critical to keep your business and customers safe from criminals. Watch the video to help you recognise some of the signs that…
Posters and fact sheets
30 Mar 2023
AML/CTF tips for pubs and clubs with gaming machines
Download the brochure and posters outlining AML/CTF tips to help protect your business, plus top myths and facts about money laundering and terrorism financing in pubs and clubs. These resources…
Financial crime guide
16 Dec 2022
Combating the sexual exploitation of children for financial gain
Child sexual exploitation is a heinous crime that extends across borders and adversely impacts victims and communities. It is a form of child abuse where offenders and facilitators use their power,…