A digital currency exchange provider is an individual, business or organisation that exchanges:

  • money (Australian or foreign currency) for digital currency
  • digital currency for money (Australian or foreign currency)

Digital currency exchange providers must be registered and enrolled with AUSTRAC.

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3 January 2024
It’s time to get started on your 2023 compliance report
You can submit your 2023 compliance report from 1 January to 31 March 2024. The report covers important areas of anti-money laundering and counter…
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18 December 2023
Our regulatory priorities for 2024 are now available
Discover our key areas of focus aimed at helping businesses prepare and bolster their defences against money laundering and terrorism financing.
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18 December 2023
Recap of 2023 RegTech Symposium
Find out about the 2023 RegTech Symposium and register your expression of interest to attend the 2024 event.
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