New guidance and education visits for pubs and clubs

AUSTRAC is working with pubs and clubs that operate electronic gaming machines (EGMs) to assist them to mitigate and manage their money laundering and terrorising financing (ML/TF) risks.

With COVID-19 restrictions easing, borders re-opening, and customer numbers gradually increasing, serious and organised criminals are targeting pubs and clubs.

Due to the cash intensive nature of EGMs, criminals attempt to take advantage of the anonymity and ease of access to the pubs and clubs industry to launder their proceeds of crime.

New guidance available

To address this, AUSTRAC has developed new guidance material to educate employees on how to recognise indicators of money laundering and other criminal activity. This also includes detailed regulatory guidance which provides pubs and clubs with:

  • an overview of ML/TF and the impacts of them
  • information about their anti-money laundering and counter terrorism financing responsibilities and practical guidance on how to comply
  • industry-specific case studies
  • links to additional AUSTRAC guidance and other resources.

Upcoming educational visits

AUSTRAC commenced its educational visits to pubs and clubs across the country on 7 March 2022. The purpose of these visits are to promote the new guidance and ensure the industry is sufficiently supported to comply with their AML/CTF obligations.

The initial visits will take place in New South Wales and Victoria, with venues in Queensland and other areas scheduled for subsequent months. This is the first nation-wide education campaign undertaken since the pandemic started, and will arm pubs and clubs staff with practical tips on how to identify and report suspicious customer behaviour to AUSTRAC.

More information

AUSTRAC continues to work with pubs and clubs throughout Australia to help them meet their AML/CTF obligations, protect their business and keep the community safe.

For more information, see our pubs and clubs guidance resources.