Discover our top tips for transaction reporting

Providing AUSTRAC with quality, accurate and timely transaction reports will ensure we have the best information available to detect, deter and disrupt serious financial crime.

AUSTRAC has developed our top tips for reporting which will assist you with providing complete and accurate information. This will help to satisfy your reporting obligations and ensure your reports provide the best intelligence value to support our money laundering and terrorism financing investigations.

These top tips include insights on:

  • Details you should include in all AUSTRAC reports, such as ensuring you use the pre-defined fields to record customer identify information rather than using “other” or generic text fields.
  • Details you must not report, for example, never reporting tax file numbers to AUSTRAC as this is a prohibited under the Taxation Administration Act 1953.
  • Tailoring information provided depending on the report type, including suspicious matter reports, threshold transaction reports and international funds transfer instruction reports.

Need more information?

For additional information, you can view the reporting overview page to understand the different report types, timing requirements and to seek further help to meet your reporting obligations. Instructions on how to make transaction reports can also be found in AUSTRAC Online through the transaction reporting menu.

Please see our top tips to improve your reports.