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AUSTRAC compliance reports

The compliance report is a yearly report that includes questions about how you have met you your anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing (AML/CTF) obligations.

The compliance report is a requirement under the Anti-Money Laundering Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006 (AML/CTF Act). Not submitting your compliance report is a breach of your obligations and may attract penalties.

You must complete your compliance report between 1 January and 31 March of each year, for the previous calendar year.

2019 compliance report

You can now preview the questions in the 2019 compliance report to help you prepare.

You will be able to start your online submission from 2 January 2020, and you can save your progress as you go.

You must submit your report by 31 March 2020. 

Video: Submitting your 2019 compliance report  

Watch the video to learn how to complete your 2019 compliance report.

How the information is used

AUSTRAC uses the details you provide in your compliance report to:

  • assess how effectively you are meeting your AML/CTF obligations
  • see if you need any extra help to meet those obligations
  • improve education and guidance for those businesses.

How we will notify you

We will tell you about specific compliance report due dates by email and messages to your AUSTRAC Online account.

How to submit a compliance report

Complete and submit your report on the compliance reporting page of your AUSTRAC Online account.

  1. Log in to AUSTRAC Online
  2. Select My Business and then Compliance Reports
  3. Open Compliance Reports or open DBG Compliance Report if you are a designated business group.
  4. Answer a series of questions that relate to your business activities.

There are instructions in the form to help you complete it.

You can save the form as you go so you don't need to complete it one session.

You can also access previous compliance reports you have submitted.

Who must submit a compliance report

If you provide designated services you must submit a compliance report to AUSTRAC. See below for special circumstances or exemptions that may apply.

Remittance service providers

You must complete a compliance report if you are registered as:

  • an independent remittance provider
  • a remittance network provider
  • one or both of those and also registered as an affiliate.

If you are registered solely as an affiliate and not as an independent remittance service provider, and don't provide any other designated services, you don’t need to lodge a compliance report.

If you are solely registered as a remittance network provider, and do not provide remittance services directly to customers yourself, any questions about customers apply to your affiliates. For example, if the question asks about your customer types, your answers should be about your affiliates.

Designated business groups

If you are part of a designated business group (DBG), only one member should lodge the annual compliance report on behalf of all members in the group. The member who submitted the report should notify all group members so that everyone knows the report has been lodged, as we don’t advise other members of a DBG when we receive a report.

Any group member can choose to submit their own compliance report if substantially different from other DBG members. To do this:

  1. log into AUSTRAC Online
  2. open Compliance Reports in the My Business menu
  3. find the submitted DBG report in the Existing Reports list and select the override link.

When you have closed or sold your business

If you have stopped providing designated services, you must request removal from AUSTRAC’s roll or registers. You can do this through your business profile page in AUSTRAC Online.

You only need to complete the first question of the compliance report to advise AUSTRAC of your circumstances, if:

  • you sold or closed your business
  • you didn’t provide any designated services during the reporting period
  • your business was merged with or acquired by another business.


You are exempt when:

  • you are a small gaming venue with a licence for no more than 15 electronic gaming machines and you don’t provide any other designated services
  • you are solely registered as an affiliate of a remittance network provider (RNP) and you don’t provide any other designated services
  • you hold an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) and the only designated service you provide is to make arrangements for customers to receive a designated service rather than providing the designated service yourself.

Penalties for not submitting a compliance report

If you don’t submit a compliance report when required, you can be fined 12 penalty units, or 60 penalty units if you are a body corporate. It is a criminal offence to give false or misleading information in your compliance report. Find out more about enforcement and penalties.

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