Be aware of scams impersonating AUSTRAC and FIUs

We are receiving reports of scammers calling members of the public, posing as AUSTRAC or Australian Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) investigators. The scammers state that the individual’s bank accounts were used for money laundering and are now under investigation. The scammers advise that AUSTRAC will put a hold on their account and asks them to transfer their money into an account for safe-keeping.

AUSTRAC will never tell you we are putting a hold on or freezing your bank account. These scams attempt to trick you into moving or paying money, or giving out your personal information. Scammers often pretend to be from trusted organisations like AUSTRAC.

If you have concerns about identity theft, contact IDCARE

If you think a call claiming to be from us is not genuine, do not engage with the scammer. Report the incident to Scamwatch.

To find out more about how to report and spot a scam visit our Frauds and scams page.