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Fintel Alliance

Fintel Alliance is an AUSTRAC initiative established in 2017 to increase the resilience of the financial sector to criminal exploitation and support law enforcement investigations into serious crime and national security matters.

A world first public-private partnership, Fintel Alliance brings together experts from a range of organisations involved in the fight against money laundering, terrorism financing and other serious crime. 

Fintel Alliance partners include major banks, remittance service providers and gambling operators, as well as law enforcement and security agencies from Australia and overseas. Working together, Fintel Alliance develops shared intelligence and delivers innovative solutions to detect, disrupt and prevent serious crime.

Financial crime guides

Fintel Alliance publishes resources to help businesses understand, identify and report suspicious financial activity to detect and prevent criminal activities.

Financial crime guides provide detailed information about the financial aspects of different crime types. They include case studies and indicators to help the financial services sector identify and detect suspicious transactions.

Businesses can use a combination of indicators in financial crime guides and their business knowledge to conduct further monitoring and identify if a suspicious matter report needs to be submitted to AUSTRAC.

Financial crime guides are developed in partnership by AUSTRAC’s Fintel Alliance, relevant government agencies, and our industry partners.

Read our financial crime guides 

Fintel Alliance performance report 2019-20

The Fintel Alliance performance report highlights our major operational achievements for 2019-20. 

The report demonstrates the vital role Fintel Alliance partners are playing in detecting and combating new criminal threats related to COVID-19, while continuing to support law enforcement operations against serious crimes as diverse as child exploitation to illicit tobacco.

Key achievements include hardening the Australian border to child offenders resulting in multiple arrests and children rescued from harm. Fintel Alliance has made significant contributions to the arrest of offenders for money laundering, illicit tobacco, and scams, and helped raise millions of dollars in tax liabilities.

Download the Fintel Alliance performance report (PDF, 3.59MB)

Past reports

How Fintel Alliance works

Fintel Alliance consists of representatives from public and private partner organisations that work together to combat complex or emerging crimes impacting the community that require a joint public private approach.

Fintel Alliance has an established program of work based on targeting priority themes including crimes targeting our most vulnerable community members, exploitation of government revenue, disrupting professional money laundering, and crimes and threats to Australia’s domestic and international interests.

Fintel Alliance partners work together at AUSTRAC’s offices in Sydney and Melbourne, sharing and analysing financial intelligence to investigate and disrupt criminal and terrorist activity.

There are two information-sharing hubs where partners collaborate:

  • The Operations Hub – a physical space where partners exchange and analyse financial intelligence in close to real time, combining data with tracking tools and best-practice methodologies from their organisations.
  • The Innovation Hub –partners co-design and test new and innovative technology solutions that assist in gathering and analysing financial intelligence at an operational level. They also assess the impact of emerging technologies such as blockchain and digital currency (or cryptocurrency).

A day in the life of Fintel Alliance

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