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Worldwide cooperation to counter terrorism financing

This is a joint media release between Thailand's Anti-Money Laundering office (AMLO), Indonesia's financial intelligence unit (PPATK) and AUSTRAC.

The fourth Counter-Terrorism Financing (CTF) Summit will be held in Bangkok, Thailand from 6 to 8 November 2018.

The Summit will bring together over 350 global leaders and specialists in financial intelligence together with senior representatives from regulatory, law enforcement, national security and policy agencies, industry participants and academics.

The CTF Summit is recognised globally as a leading example of multilateral cooperation focused on understanding and responding to terrorism financing and significant financial threats.

Hosted by Thailand’s Anti-Money Laundering Office (AMLO) in partnership with Indonesian and Australian Financial Intelligence Units (FIUs), PPATK and AUSTRAC, the 2018 CTF Summit will focus on:

  • the identification and prioritisation of ISIL affiliated organisations in the Asia Pacific region, as well as other emerging terrorist organisations;
  • the launch of a regional assessment on non-profit organisation red flag indicators;
  • the release of a secure information-sharing platform prototype;
  • a multi-intelligence analyst exchange program ‘Hubbing’ exercise;
  • collaboration of FIUs and sharing of best practice techniques to combat terrorism financing; and
  • exploring new opportunities to strengthen the cooperation of regional FIUs in combatting transnational crime threats, including corruption and human trafficking/people smuggling.

Acting Secretary-General of AMLO, Police Major General Preecha Jaroensahayanon said “the CTF Summit represents a good opportunity to enhance cooperation within the region to stay ahead of terrorism and terrorist financing that has become more complex with advanced technologies.”

"To properly deal with terrorism threats, we need to change. More innovative counter measures need to be created and developed for better prevention,” Police Major General Jaroensahayanon said.

AUSTRAC CEO, Nicole Rose PSM said the CTF Summit plays a crucial role in the fight against terrorism in the Asia Pacific region.

“Terrorism is one of the most significant threats we face, and AUSTRAC, in cooperation with our partners worldwide, is committed to playing our part in stamping it out,” Ms Rose said.

Head of PPATK, Mr. Kiagus Ahmad Badaruddin said “the CFT Summit is a perfect platform for combatting terrorism in our region.”

“It gives good momentum to our partner agencies in identifying threats coming from transnational crime, mapping the high risk sectors as well as developing more comprehensive and effective solutions to financing of terrorism issues around the region,” Mr. Badaruddin said.

The 4th CTF Summit theme is “Regional Synergies for Regional Solutions”. “Regional Synergies” means the Summit brings together relevant parties to deepen understanding and identify and address gaps in collaboration. This will create sustainable regional alliances that drive the rapid exchange of intelligence to more effectively combat transnational crime in the region and beyond.

The 2018 CTF Summit will build on the outcomes of previous Summits held in Sydney 2015 - AUSTRAC, Australia; Bali 2016 - PPATK, Indonesia; and Kuala Lumpur 2017 - Bank Negara Malaysia, Malaysia.

The outcomes of this 4th CTF Summit will be declared in the Bangkok Communique at the end of the Summit.