Financial crime guide

Criminal networks seek to exploit vulnerable members of the community. They target and recruit them as money mules to launder their proceeds of crime and reintegrate the funds back into the economy. This creates distance between the networks and the crime, and helps to avoid detection by law enforcement. 

Detailed guidance

This list of indicators will help you identify potential money laundering, terrorism financing and other serious and organised criminal activity involving electronic gaming machine venues.

This list may be used as part of you AML/CTF risk awareness training for venue staff to help them identify signs of suspicious activity.


A video to help you recognise some of the signs that could indicate money laundering is occurring at your venue.

Posters and fact sheets

Download the brochure and posters outlining AML/CTF tips to help protect your business, plus top myths and facts about money laundering and terrorism financing in pubs and clubs.

These resources can be printed and shared with venue staff to help them understand their responsibilities around gaming machines, identify the signs of financial crime and protect your business. Note: AUSTRAC designed these materials for use with your staff only.

Download and print:

Financial crime guide

Child sexual exploitation is a heinous crime that extends across borders and adversely impacts victims and communities. It is a form of child abuse where offenders and facilitators use their power, either physical, financial or emotional, over a child or young person to sexually or emotionally abuse them. Child sexual exploitation for financial gain involves a child being coerced or manipulated into engaging in forced sexual activity for financial benefit.

Risk assessment

A detailed national assessment of Australia’s exposure to proliferation financing threats and vulnerabilities.

Financial crime guide

This guide provides indicators and behaviours to help financial service providers, particularly those engaged in trade financing, to detect and report suspicious financial activity.

International trade is an attractive avenue for criminals as it presents risks and vulnerabilities that they can exploit. Criminals engaged in trade-based money laundering use the trade of goods and services to move illicit money into and out of Australia and around the world.

Risk assessment

A detailed assessment of the money laundering and terrorism financing risks, vulnerabilities and consequences associated with the bullion industry in Australia.

Regulatory guide

This information will help you understand and implement reforms related to tipping off, which came into effect on 17 June 2021.

An important checklist to ensure that you have incorporated the key elements and details needed for effective SMR reporting.