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Declare your cash before you travel

Carrying $10,000 or more?

Travellers can carry an unlimited amount of cash into and out of Australia.

Amounts of $10,000 or more Australian dollars, or foreign currency equivalent must be declared.

Click on the form below to declare your cash.

Declare your physical currency

  1. Download the Cross-Border Movement - Physical Currency (CBM-PC) form.
  2. Complete and sign the form.
  3. Bring the completed form with you to the airport or seaport.
  4. Give the form to an Australian Border Force Officer.

Cross-Border Movement - Physical Currency (CBM-PC) form

Things you must know about reporting physical currency.

Declare your bearer negotiable instrument/s

Travellers can carry cheques, travellers cheques, bearer bonds, money orders and other BNIs into and out of Australia.

You must declare them and fill out a form if an Australian Border Force Officer asks you.

Cross-Border Movement - Bearer Negotiable Instrument (CBM-BNI) form

Things you must know about reporting bearer negotiable instruments.

Translated forms

Please use the translated forms below as a guide to help you fill out the English version.

Do not fill out the translated version of the form.

Cross-Border Movement - Physical Currency

Cross-Border Movement - Bearer Negotiable Instrument

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