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AUSTRAC industry contribution

20 April 2015

Final Ministerial Determination for 2014–15 now available.

Proposed changes to the annual compliance report

16 April 2015

AUSTRAC intends to defer the implementation of any changes to its compliance reporting requirements to allow for further industry consultation.

New guidance on the Document Verification Service

16 April 2015

Information on the Document Verification Service which was recently published for public consultation, has now been incorporated into the AUSTRAC compliance guide.

Media releases

AUSTRAC has fined Australian online bookmaker ClassicBet Pty Ltd for a breach of Australia’s AML/CTF laws.

AUSTRAC has cancelled the registration of two money transfer businesses as it is satisfied that their registrations involve a significant money laundering risk.

One of the world’s largest remittance network providers has been fined for contraventions of Australia’s AML/CTF laws.