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Consultation: AUSTRAC industry contribution 2015-16

29 July 2015

Stakeholder consultation paper detailing the proposed model for the 2015–16 industry contribution is now open for consultation.

Draft AML/CTF Rules relating to account-based money transfer system

21 July 2015

Draft AML/CTF Rules have been published relating to the Western Union account-based money transfer system.

Amendments to Chapter 4 (customer identification) of the AML/CTF Rules

10 June 2015

AUSTRAC published draft AML/CTF Rules amending Chapter 4 (customer identification), for consultation.

Media releases

A joint agency investigation involving the WA Police Organised Crime Squad has resulted in charges related to international money transfers and the suspension of a money transfer business.

AUSTRAC information and expert analysis has contributed to the dismantling of an international drug syndicate, according to a case study released today.

AUSTRAC has released a new analysis report about serious organised crime groups using business express deposit boxes and internet banking to avoid ‘know your customer’ requirements.