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Joint agency media release: Trident Taskforce disrupts alleged drug trafficking syndicate 
24 April 2014

AUSTRAC cancels registration of remittance provider
17 April 2014

Joint agency media release: Jericho Waterfront Taskforce - Queensland waterfront taskforce arrests two men over cocaine import
19 March 2014

Minister for Justice media release: AUSTRAC agrees to exchange financial intelligence with Vatican City State
27 February 2014


Guidance note updated: Countermeasures applied to Iran 
1 April 2014

Updated AUSTRAC information circular 42: Bribery of foreign public officials 
25 March 2014

AUSTRAC supervisory levy review report has been tabled in Parliament
17 March 2014

AUSTRAC information circulars 69 and 70 updated
5 March 2014


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