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Remedial directions

Under Part 15 Division 5 of the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006 (AML/CTF Act), the AUSTRAC Chief Executive Officer (CEO) may give remedial directions to reporting entities.

A remedial direction is a written direction that is enforceable in a court, given by the AUSTRAC CEO to a reporting entity where the AUSTRAC CEO is satisfied that the reporting entity has contravened, or is contravening, a civil penalty provision of the AML/CTF Act.

A remedial direction may:

  • require a reporting entity to take specified action directed towards ensuring that the reporting entity does not contravene the civil penalty provision in future
  • in the case of a contravention of subsection 43(2), 45(2) or 47(2)—require a reporting entity to take specified action to remedy the contravention by giving the relevant report to the AUSTRAC CEO within a period specified in the direction.

By publishing copies of remedial directions, AUSTRAC remains transparent and accountable in its decision making. Information that is commercial in confidence, against the public interest to release, or consists of an individual's personal details, is deleted from the published copy.

Date Entity Remedial direction
4 November 2009 Little Persia Remedial direction issued to Little Persia (PDF, 37KB)
9 February 2011 Allsafe International Pty Ltd Remedial direction issued to Allsafe International Pty Ltd (PDF, 68KB)
9 August 2011 Acacia Ridge Hotel Remedial direction issued to Acacia Ridge Hotel (PDF, 49KB)
6 February 2015 ClassicBet Pty Ltd

Remedial direction issued to ClassicBet Pty Ltd (Word, 49KB)

Remedial direction issued to ClassicBet Pty Ltd (PDF, 69KB)

Please note: Any annexures to the above remedial have not been published.

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