The Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC) is Australia's financial intelligence unit with regulatory responsibility for anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing.

AUSTRAC identifies threats and criminal abuse of our financial system, and acts to protect Australia's economy. 

AUSTRAC works in partnership with industry and with government agencies in Australia and overseas to

  • help keep Australia safe from financial crime
  • build and maintain trust in Australia's financial system as part of the global community.

Australia's financial intelligence unit

AUSTRAC is Australia's primary source for financial intelligence used to fight serious and organised crime and terrorism financing. 

Information reported to AUSTRAC is collected, collated and analysed to develop actionable financial intelligence.  Businesses provide a range of reports on:

  • financial transactions
  • suspicious matters.

AUSTRAC's expert analysts join the dots to provide a complete financial intelligence picture.  The resulting financial intelligence is provided to partner agencies including:

AUSTRAC facilitates robust financial intelligence to prevent terrorist action and serious & organised crime.

It also detects and assists investigation & prosecution of serious criminal activity including:

  • money laundering
  • terrorism financing
  • organised crime
  • tax evasion.

Australia's AML/CTF regulator

To collect quality data, AUSTRAC oversees the compliance of more than 14,000 Australian businesses ranging from major banks and casinos to single-operator businesses, providing more than 70 designated services in five key sectors:

  • financial services
  • gambling
  • bullion dealers
  • remittance service providers
  • cash dealers.

AUSTRAC works to help businesses protect themselves from abuse by criminals - so we can work together to keep dirty money out of our financial system. This helps to protect the Australian community from serious and organised crime.


AUSTRAC's vision is a financial system free from criminal abuse.

  • AUSTRAC regulates to discover, understand and respond to criminal threats, assisting partner agencies to disrupt and prosecute crime. 
  • As the interface between industry and national security, law enforcement and revenue agencies, AUSTRAC transforms financial information into knowledge and actionable financial intelligence of ML/TF risks.
  • AUSTRAC plays a key role in protecting the Australian financial system from criminal abuse and helps to protect the global financial system and Australia from the harms of serious and organised crime and terrorism.