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What is it like to work at AUSTRAC?

27 June 2022

At AUSTRAC our people are our strength. Every day we use our intellect, skills, experience, initiative and the latest technologies to work with industry and our partners to protect Australia’s financial system and community from serious and organised crime. Here you can meet some of AUSTRAC's staff and find out what it's like to work for Australia's financial intelligence unit and anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing regulator.

Peter, Senior Product Engineer, Innovation and Technology Solutions

Peter discusses his experience leading a team and working across a variety of projects at AUSTRAC, as well as offering his perspective as a new comer to the agency.

What brought you to AUSTRAC?

My decision to take on the Senior Product Engineer role in the Business Products team was driven by the exciting opportunity to work with world-class software development platforms that underpin our strong regulation and enhanced intelligence capabilities. AUSTRAC is a highly regarded employer within the industry with strong leadership and career development opportunities for its employees.

What do you do in your role?

I’m currently leading a team of software developers who are working in several different areas throughout the agency. We have a wide variety of projects underway, some new exciting work with major transformation on the horizon as well as some system improvements and consolidation work to support ongoing operational efficiencies. Our focus is always on delivering high-quality systems that are reliable, extendable and testable.

What’s it like to work at AUSTRAC?

My experience here has been really positive. I have been well supported by both the leadership team and also by my peers. There are many talented and skilled people working here, and we are all contributing to AUSTRAC’s goal of protecting the financial system from serious and organised crime which is fascinating. The work is always challenging and I enjoy that I am learning every day.

AUSTRAC has been recognised as an Employer of Choice, and a Top Ten Best Place to Work. What makes AUSTRAC a great place to work for you?

That doesn’t surprise me, because in the short period of time that I have been here, I would also recommend AUSTRAC as an employer. The strong culture, leadership, trust and concern for its workforce within the agency is genuine, and I feel valued as a member of the team.  AUSTRAC has also embraced hybrid work arrangements for staff with a combination of work in the office and at home. It’s one of the many flexible work practices AUSTRAC supports for employee wellbeing and flexibility that brings out the best in its people.

Tania, Senior Director Enterprise Analytics, Innovation and Technology Solutions

Tania discusses the technical capabilities required for such an integral role. This includes the shared sense of purpose and commitment that makes AUSTRAC a great place to work.

What brought you to AUSTRAC?

Six years ago I jumped at the chance to join the Enterprise Analytics team at AUSTRAC as a data scientist. My goal was to help realise AUSTRAC’s vision and do my part in researching, developing and releasing analytics solutions and products designed to enhance the work of all business areas across AUSTRAC.

What do you do in your role? 

I currently lead a team of data scientists, analytics engineers, data governance specialists and cryptography researchers. We deliver across a number of projects and core agency functions. The range of specialist skillsets in the team are complimentary, and the various projects and functions are all connected by the high level goal of enabling AUSTRAC to be data-driven and evidence-based.

For example, as part of our role, AUSTRAC collaborates with Pacific financial intelligence units to strengthen collaboration and identify and combat money laundering and terrorism financing threats in the South Pacific Island region. To contribute to this, my team are currently developing a data analysis platform so that Pacific analysts have access to the latest and most sophisticated data management and analysis tools.

What's it like to work at AUSTRAC?

I’m motivated by the fact that our work makes a difference. There's never a shortage of interesting and challenging projects to work on, and I am lucky to work with very talented people.

The staff at AUSTRAC are united and work tirelessly to protect Australia’s financial system from serious and organised crime. A recent example of this was a collaborative effort across multiple teams, as well as AUSTRAC’s reporting entities, to identify risks related to third party cash deposits. This work helped refine the controls relating to such deposits, resulting in a reduction of money laundering risks.

AUSTRAC has been recognised as an Employer of Choice, and a Top Ten Best Place to Work. What makes AUSTRAC a great place to work for you?

The flexible working arrangements at AUSTRAC are a big motivator for me. I love being able to work from home three days a week. I live rurally and appreciate watching my horses cruise by the windows while I am on videoconference calls!

Careers at AUSTRAC

Our highly specialised workforce is critical to achieving AUSTRAC’s vision of a future where our financial system is free from criminal abuse.

We offer a challenging and rewarding career with meaningful work. See our current vacancies.

Inclusive and diverse

AUSTRAC is committed to creating an inclusive working environment that values the contribution and experience of employees from a diversity of backgrounds. We encourage applications from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, those with diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds, those who identify as LGBTI+ and those with a disability.

A great place to work

In 2020, AUSTRAC was recognised as an Employer of Choice through the Australian Business Awards. The program recognises organisations that demonstrate the core values of business and product innovation, technological achievement and employee engagement.

In 2022, the Australian Financial Review BOSS Magazine recognised AUSTRAC as one of the top ten Best Places to Work in the Government, Education & Not-for-Profit sector. These awards recognise successful organisations that foster productive, creative, and focussed staff in the face of competing challenges and digital transformation, and those who are pioneering best-practices in areas such as flexible work.