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AML/CTF advisers

AML/CTF advisers play an important role in helping reporting entities meet their AML/CTF obligations.

AML/CTF advisers can be AML/CTF compliance consultants, accountants, lawyers or other professionals who:

  • develop AML/CTF programs
  • independently review AML/CTF programs
  • assess a reporting entity’s ML/TF risk
  • advise on systems and controls to manage ML/TF risk
  • deliver training to employees and agents
  • provide other AML/CTF services.

Engaging with AUSTRAC

We recognise that AML/CTF advisers play an important role in ensuring reporting entities meet their AML/CTF obligations. We work with AML/CTF advisers and dedicate resources to supporting them by providing general guidance.

We do not endorse AML/CTF advisers or their products.

AML/CTF adviser sessions

AUSTRAC AML/CTF Adviser (AMLA) sessions are now available. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, upcoming sessions will be held via Microsoft Teams. 

AMLA sessions are designed to give advisers an opportunity to engage with AUSTRAC. Sessions are one-on-one and run for 45 minutes.

During these sessions, you can discuss how you engage with and support AUSTRAC’s reporting entities to meet their AML/CTF obligations. You can also ask questions to further your understanding of the AML/CTF legislation and requirements.

Please note, this is not an opportunity to market a product or gain endorsement from AUSTRAC, and all advice provided is general in nature.

To book an AMLA session, email for available appointments.

Additional resources

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Last updated: 27 Jul 2020
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