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Case studies

AUSTRAC data helped disrupt a sophisticated Adelaide-based crime syndicate that used toys, cushions and nappies to import illicit drugs.

AUSTRAC intelligence helped convict a drug trafficker by revealing how he used bank and casino accounts to launder the proceeds of his crime.

AUSTRAC’s financial intelligence helped law enforcement find a large stash of illegal weapons.

AUSTRAC’s financial intelligence helped convict an international drug trafficker.

AUSTRAC intelligence was used in an investigation into a criminal syndicate importing firearms and illicit drugs into Australia from the United States.

AUSTRAC’s financial analysis helped authorities disrupt a syndicate suspected of trafficking women from Thailand to Australia to work in brothels.

Reporting by banks and casinos helped AUSTRAC alert law enforcement to a former solicitor engaged in an elaborate mortgage refinancing fraud.

AUSTRAC’s analysis of information from businesses helped disrupt a global drug importation and money laundering syndicate.

Using false passports and aliases, a foreign national opened multiple accounts and used them to exchange counterfeit euros.

AUSTRAC intelligence helped identify an Australian fraud victim who sent A$2 million to overseas recipients as part of an online scam.