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Case studies

An investigation stopped a professional money laundering syndicate operating between Australia, New Zealand and China.

AUSTRAC helped identify and investigate a suspect who was laundering the proceeds of crime using casinos, airline crew and a remitting service.

AUSTRAC helped convict a person who used a digital currency (cryptocurrency) to purchase, import and sell illicit drugs through a black market website.

AUSTRAC’s financial analysis helped authorities identify and stop the organisers of a people smuggling operation between Indonesia and Australia.

AUSTRAC intelligence helped to convict members of an Albanian drug and money laundering syndicate who were smuggling narcotics into Australia.

AUSTRAC information helped detect individuals and organised crime syndicates involved in importing drugs into Australia.

Suspicious matter reports submitted to AUSTRAC led to the arrest of an international fugitive wanted for cybercrime and fraud.

A suspicious matter report (SMR) played a key part in dismantling an international drug syndicate in Australia.

AUSTRAC information sparked an investigation into a married couple that led to the discovery of 15kg of cannabis and the seizure of $100,000 in cash.

A referral from AUSTRAC helped an investigation targeting registered sex offenders travelling offshore to commit offences against children.