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Case studies

AUSTRAC helps dismantle a remittance services network that was laundering money for organised crime syndicates in Australia.

AUSTRAC helped investigate suspicious financial transactions that led to the arrest of two offenders on charges of dealing with the proceeds of crime.

A joint investigation into a sophisticated money laundering scheme leads to 10 arrests and the disruption of an international crime syndicate.

AUSTRAC intelligence helped send seven members of an international crime syndicate to prison for importing illicit drugs and laundering money.

AUSTRAC supported an investigation into a drug trafficking syndicate suspected of supplying and distributing narcotics in Australia.

AUSTRAC sparked a criminal investigation into unregistered remitters that led to money laundering convictions and the forfeiture of millions.

AUSTRAC’s financial intelligence helped law enforcement agencies dismantle a major drug syndicate operating in Australia and Vietnam.

AUSTRAC’s financial intelligence was the catalyst for a criminal investigation into a married couple’s unexplained wealth.

Business reporting and AUSTRAC analysis prompted an investigation into one offender’s systematic structuring of $2.5 million in cash deposits.

AUSTRAC’s financial intelligence helped convict a remitter laundering illicit funds for crime syndicates.