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Report methodology

The information contained in this report was generated from the following research material:

  • sanitised cases from AUSTRAC's partner agencies
  • existing AUSTRAC strategic and typology research
  • publicly available open source information.

This report identifies some key methods that have been used in Australia to conceal the origins of illicit funds or, in the case of terrorism financing, conceal the purpose for which those funds were intended. These methods are illustrated through the use of case studies and diagrams.

This report is limited to case study examples that are approved for external use.

Each case study within this report has been presented in a way that highlights the common elements involved in the ML/TF process. These are:

  • Offence - the crime or civil proceeding involved (not the actual charges)
  • Customer - the type of customer/s involved in perpetrating the offence (this can be an individual, business or foreign entity)
  • Industry - the industry through which transactions were conducted - in some cases multiple industries were involved. Although the cases within this report have been grouped by industry, cases can also be located by referring to the designated service case index, or the subject index
  • Channel - the means by which the offenders completed or attempted to complete transactions (predominantly either in person, via electronic means or through an intermediary/third person)
  • Jurisdiction - the location (domestic or international) in which the transactions were facilitated
  • Designated service (1) - the type of designated service, or other financial product, that was used in the offence
  • Indicators - the 'red flag' activity which would indicate the possibility of ML/TF activity. An extensive list of indicators used in this report can be found in Appendix A.

1 For the purposes of this report, designated services listed in the tables in section 6 of the AML/CTF Act have been grouped into 20 categories containing similar activities. A designated service case index appears on page 6 of this report.

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