Paying your supervisory levy


Payment options overview

You can pay your supervisory levy and late payment penalties via a range of convenient payment options. Please ensure you allow sufficient time for your payment to be received by AUSTRAC by the due date to avoid incurring any late payment penalties.

Please click on one of the options below for more information:


Make a payment directly from your cheque or savings account using your financial institution's internet banking service.

Your payment needs to reach AUSTRAC on or before its due date or late payment penalties may apply. Please check your financial institution's processing deadlines to avoid making a late payment.

Details you need:

Biller code
Supervisory Levy Biller Code: 980193

Reference number
Your reference number, abbreviated as 'Ref' within the BPAY text box in the 'Payment options' section on the bottom of your invoice.

Further BPAY information

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Credit card

Make a payment by credit card through the Reserve Bank of Australia's Government EasyPay service.

Details you need:

  • a current Visa, MasterCard or American Express card
  • your reference number, which is abbreviated as 'Ref' on your invoice within the 'Payment options' online payment option text box.

Card payment fee:

A card payment fee applies to transactions made using this service. This fee is not subject to goods and services tax (GST) and is equal to the fee AUSTRAC incurs from its banker.

The fee is a percentage of the levy amount being paid, based on the type of card used:

Card type

Fee (ex GST) as at 1 September 2013



American Express


You will be presented with the fee amount and transaction totals before you are asked to confirm your payment.

Credit card (Government EasyPay) - processing times:

Your payment needs to reach us on or before its due date. Transactions entered on a weekend, national public holiday or after 6pm Sydney time will be processed on the next business day.

Transaction receipt:

The Government EasyPay service will provide a receipt for both the Supervisory Levy payment and the credit card payment fee.

Make a credit card payment:

Click here to proceed with your credit card payment

By clicking on this link you will leave the AUSTRAC website and enter the Government EasyPay service for credit card payments. This is a secure site provided to AUSTRAC by the Reserve Bank of Australia using the Optus Smartpay service.

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Cheques should be for amounts in Australian dollars and made payable to 'AUSTRAC'. Cheques should be crossed 'Not Negotiable' and must not be post dated.

You should also include the payment slip on the back of your invoice, and advise whether you wish to obtain a receipt.

Please allow sufficient time for your cheque to reach us on or before its due date.

Mail your cheque and payment slip to:

AUSTRAC supervisory levy
PO Box 5516
West Chatswood NSW 1515

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Electronic funds transfer (EFT

All entities paying by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) need to specify their reference number, which is abbreviated as 'Ref' on their invoice. This will enable AUSTRAC to credit payment to the correct entity account.

EFT bank details

Name of bank: Reserve Bank of Australia
Bank branch: Sydney
B.S.B: 092 002
Account number: 111513
Account name: AUSTRAC - Official Administered Receipts
Reference: 9-digit AUSTRAC Account Number (Ref:) must be quoted
SWIFT Code (if applicable): RSBKAU2S

Please note that transactions entered on a weekend, national public holiday or after 6pm Sydney time will be processed on the next business day.

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Reassessment of the supervisory levy invoice amount

If you believe you are exempt from the levy, or have been invoiced as a result of incorrect enrolment information on the census day, you must update and correct your enrolment details via AUSTRAC Online prior to completing and submitting a request for suprvisory levy reassessment form to AUSTRAC. The form and instructions can be accessed below:

Request for supervisory levy reassessment form (Word, 190KB)

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Supervisory levy and/or late penalty payment waiver

The circumstances under which the AUSTRAC CEO may consider it appropriate to waive payment of the levy (and/or related late payment penalty) include where recovery would be inequitable or a reporting entity is experiencing ongoing financial hardship and that other payment options (such as deferring payment) are not appropriate. There may be other circumstances in which a waiver may be appropriate. These will be considered on a case by case basis.

Entities who wish to apply for a waiver of payment must complete the Request for waiver of payment form below.

Requests for waiver of payment should be made in relation to a levy for a specific year, and should be lodged with AUSTRAC in the period after the invoices have been issued but before the payment due date.

Request for waiver of payment form (Word, 120KB)

Further information

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