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 AUSTRAC is Australia's anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing regulator and specialist financial intelligence unit. Home     Contact Us


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The strategy documents on this page cover the key areas of Supervision, Intelligence and Enforcement. They outline how AUSTRAC proposes to direct its efforts over the coming year, and beyond, and provide our stakeholders with a valuable insight into how AUSTRAC works, both as regulator and financial intelligence unit.

To view strategies from previous years please visit the archive page of the AUSTRAC website.

Supervision strategy

Supervision strategy

Supervision strategy 2012-14 (text version)

Supervision strategy 2012-14 (PDF file symbolPDF, 822KB)

Enforcement strategy

Enforcement strategy

Enforcement strategy 2012-14 (text version)

Enforcement strategy 2012-14 (PDF file symbolPDF, 859KB)

Intelligence strategy

Intelligence strategy

Intelligence strategy 2012-14 (text version)

Intelligence strategy 2012-14 (PDF file symbolPDF, 864KB)

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