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Remittance Network Providers applying for the renewal of an affiliate's registration

This guide shows the step-by-step process you need to take in the AUSTRAC Online system to apply for the renewal of your affiliates.

Remittance Sector Register registrations are valid for three years from the date of registration (in accordance with paragraph 70.14(1) of the AML/CTF Rules) unless they are removed, suspended or cancelled.

To maintain registration, Remittance Network Providers (RNPs) are required to apply to renew the registration of their affiliates.

Registration period

Registrations expire at the end of the three year period unless a renewal application is submitted before the date when the affiliate's registration ceases (expiry date).1

RNPs need to apply

An RNP can apply to renew an affiliate's registration.

RNPs can apply up to 90 days before the expiry date of the affiliate's registration.

As long as an application for renewal of the affiliate's registration is submitted before the expiry date, the affiliate's registration will continue until the AUSTRAC CEO decides to renew or refuse to renew the affiliate's.2

If an RNP does not submit an application for an affilitate's renewal before the expiry date:

  • the affiliate's registration will cease on the expiry date
  • they will be removed from the Remittance Sector Register
  • they will not be permitted to continue to provide remittance services.3


If an affiliate's registration lapses but the unregistered affiliate wants to continue providing remittance services for the RNP:

  • the RNP is required to complete the full registration process again by submitting a new application for registration 4
  • and it is an offence for an unregistered remittance affiliate to provide remittance services until AUSTRAC approves their new registration application.


If an RNP continues to accept transactions through an unregistered affiliate, both the RNP and the affiliate are committing offences as follows:

Subsection 74(1)(b) of the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006 (AML/CTF Act) states:

74(1) A person (the first person) must not provide a registrable remittance network service to another person if:

The first person … is a registered remittance network provider, but the person to whom the service is provided is not a registered remittance affiliate of the first person.

In accordance with subsection 74(1B) of the AML/CTF Act:

A person must not provide a registrable designated remittance service if:

  • the person provides the service as part of a remittance network operated by a remittance network provider; and
  • the person is not a registered remittance affiliate of the registered remittance network provider.

If an RNP continues to accept transactions through an unregistered affiliate, both the RNP and the affiliate are committing offences under subsection 74(2) of the AML/CTF Act.

Steps to take: renewing an affiliate registration

1. My Affiliates - filters

Log into your AUSTRAC Online account

Click on the 'My Affiliates' link

The 'My Affiliates' screen:

  • allows you to download and submit a new affiliate application request
  • provides various filtered views of your affiliate network.

Clicking on the filters will change the content of the table. This is a scrollable and sortable table and provides a link via the 'Legal Name' to the individual affiliate's general details screen.

The 'My Affiliates' screen also has a search field where you can enter a part or full name of an affiliate and easily locate the matches within the current filter.

You can also export all of your affiliate details to a CSV file.

2. My Affiliates: 3 - 6 month renewal projection

  1. Check the 'registrable details' are current and correct before submitting a renewal request for your affiliates.
  2. The screen shows your affiliate registrations that are due in the next three to six months, so you can prioritise these activities.
  3. This gives you a full three months to conduct any necessary due diligence before the affiliate registrations move into the 90 day renewable period.
  4. The '3 to 6 month renewal projection' screen contains a graph and table (see below) that allows you to view an affiliate's legal name.
  5. You can then go directly to a registration update form, registration removal form or the Reporting Entities Roll removal form.

3. Using the 3 to 6 month renewal projection screen

  1. Expand the 'My Affiliates' menu and click '3 – 6 Month renewal projection'.
  2. The system displays a page titled 'Projection of Affiliate Renewals 3 – 6 months prior to expiry date'.
  3. By default, the graph highlights the first seven days. The details of the affiliate registrations within the shaded area will be included in the table below the graph.

  4. You can drag the slider left or right to expand or contract the selection of affiliates.
  5. 'Days until expiry' has markings for 91, 120, 150 & 180 days. Each vertical 'bar' represents the number of affiliate registrations that will expire on that one day.

    Please note: a registration may expire on any given day, including non-working days and public holidays.

  6. Moving the slider will select a date range and you can observe the table content change.

4. Using the table to complete a maintenance task

  1. The table gives you the ability to select a form for an affiliate, including:
    • Edit Registration – this form will prepopulate the information last submitted by the RNP and can be updated and submitted for processing by AUSTRAC.
    • Registration Removal – this form can be submitted to AUSTRAC to terminate the affiliate registration. When this is processed by AUSTRAC you will be notified in writing and the registration will no longer be visible on the graph or table.
    • Remove affiliate from Reporting Entities Roll (this option is only available if you enrolled the affiliate) – this form can be submitted to AUSTRAC to remove the affiliate from the Reporting Entities Roll, which also terminates the affiliate's registration. When this is processed by AUSTRAC you will be notified in writing and the registration will no longer be visible on the graph or table.
  2. The affiliate registrations will remain visible on the screen while the form is being processed by AUSTRAC. Once processed, the affiliate registration will either be removed or will 'progress' to the renewals period.
  3. Once the affiliate has been confirmed as removed it will not be possible to change or renew the registration.

5. My Affiliates – Renewals

A renewable affiliate registration is one that is due to expire within the next 90 days.

The screen will present a graph and a table (see below) as an easy way to visually display the progression of the registrations towards expiry.

5.1 Using the Renewals screen

  1. Expand the 'My Affiliates' menu and click 'Renewals'

  2. At times, you may receive a warning that there are affiliates due to expire 'Today'. The warning is clearly identifiable and the message advises how many affiliate registrations will expire on that day. If there is a warning message of this nature, ensure you action these affiliate renewals on that day.
  3. The horizontal axis 'Days until expiry' has markings for Today, 7 days, 30 days, 60 days and 90 days. Each vertical bar represents the number of affiliate registrations that will expire on that one day. When the graph populates the slider will default to the first 7 days.
  4. You can drag the slider to the left or right to expand or contract the selection of affiliates.
  5. Moving the slider will populate the table below the graph. Select a date range that suits your need and observe the table content change.

5.2 Using the table to select renewable registrations

  1. When the table is populated, select one or many registrations for renewal by clicking into the check box on the left hand side of each registration expiry date. The table is presented in expiry date order – with the shortest renewal period at the top of the list.
  2. The number of selections made is displayed in a blue button on the bottom of the screen. When you have made your selections and you are satisfied that renewal can be made, click the button below the table to renew the selected registrations.

  3. The following screen requires confirmation that you are ready to renew. If you decide you have incorrectly selected an affiliate for renewal there is a 'Back' button under the table to return you to the 'My Affiliate – Renewal' screen.

  4. Clicking on the 'Continue to renewal form' button on this screen will produce a prepopulated5 affiliate registration renewal request form (ATRC1021).
  5. Please carefully read all sections of the form. Complete each section and submit the form. If you have not completed a section of the form, an error message will appear and prevent you from submitting the form until this has been fixed.
  6. Upon successfully submitting the affiliate registration renewal request form you will be issued with a reference number and an opportunity to download the receipt. It is suggested that you download and retain a copy of the receipt for your records.
  7. Upon closing the form, the screen 'My Affiliate – Renewals' will display a button 'Return to Renewals' which will allow you to return to the renewals screen.

  8. You will be able to return to the 'My Affiliates – Renewals' screen which includes the graph. The affiliates that you have already submitted a registration renewal request form for will not be visible on the graph or on the table below the graph area. You cannot submit multiple renewal requests for an affiliate registration.
  9. The RNP and affiliate AML/CTF compliance officer will receive written advice of the outcome of the request for renewal for each registration.

Further information

AUSTRAC can assist reporting entities, their staff and the public in providing general information relating to the AML/CTF Act and AML/CTF Rules.

Enquiries can be directed to the AUSTRAC Contact Centre:

The information contained in this document is intended only to provide a summary and general overview on these matters. It is not intended to be comprehensive. It does not constitute, nor should it be treated as, legal advice or opinions. This document may contain statements of policy which reflect AUSTRAC's administration of the legislation in carrying out its statutory functions.

The Commonwealth accepts no liability for any loss suffered as a result of reliance on this publication. AUSTRAC recommends that independent professional advice be sought.

The information contained herein is current as at the date of this document.


1Chapter 70 of the AML/CTF Rules details the requirements for the renewal of remittance dealer registrations. These Rules are made for section 75J of the AML/CTF Act, which deals with renewal of registration.

2See Chapter 70.6 of the AML/CTF Rules.

3See Chapter 70.21 of the Rules.

4See section 75B of the AML/CTF Act.

5The affiliate renewal request form has a restriction to the number of affiliate registrations that can be submitted via the one form. An error will be display if you have attempted to submit over the limit.

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