Public Legal Interpretations


The Public Legal Interpretations (PLIs) convey AUSTRAC's view on the legal meaning and effect of various provisions of legislation administered by AUSTRAC. The PLIs do not provide legal advice on individual circumstances. The PLIs will further assist cash dealers and reporting entities (regulated entities) to better understand their obligations under the AML/CTF regime.

View the PDF file PLI 1 - Establishment of the AUSTRAC Public Legal Interpretations (PDF, 70KB)

View the PDF file PLI 2 - Item 54 of table 1 in section 6 of the AML/CTF Act (PDF, 110KB)

View the PDF file PLI 4 - What constitutes a reporting entity (PDF, 168KB)

View the PDF file PLI 5 - Access to and disclosure of 'AUSTRAC information' (PDF, 200KB)

View the PDF file PLI 6 - Suspicious matter and suspect transaction reports (PDF, 107KB)

View the PDF file PLI 7 - Significant cash transaction and threshold transaction reports (PDF, 162KB)

View the PDF file PLI 8 - Cross-border movements (PDF, 152KB)

View the PDF file PLI 9 - Customer identification requirements under the AML/CTF Act (PDF, 142KB)

View the PDF file PLI10 - Agency and the AML/CTF Act (PDF, 80.4KB)

View the PDF file PLI 11 - Electronic funds transfer instructions and international funds transfer instructions (PDF, 578KB)

View the PDF file PLI 12 - Notices to reporting entities (PDF, 109KB)


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