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Tax evasion

Accountant's overseas tax evasion scheme landed clients in jail

AUSTRAC information assisted authorities to investigate a tax evasion scheme promoted and facilitated by an accountant in Australia.

AUSTRAC information revealed complex ‘round robin’ tax evasion scheme

AUSTRAC intelligence initiates an investigation into a complex ‘round robin’ tax evasion scheme.

Dozens of suspicious cash transfers exposed $2 million unpaid tax bill

AUSTRAC information initiated an investigation into a suspect who had been evading tax for a period of approximately nine years and had an unpaid tax bill totalling over AUD2 million.

Local post office used for million dollar fraud and tax evasion scheme

AUSTRAC information assisted authorities investigating a multi-million-dollar postal fraud and tax evasion scheme.

Suspect used offshore companies to avoid paying millions in tax

A money laundering and taxation investigation commenced into a suspect who, for more than 10 years, declared minimal income to the Australian Taxation Office while living a luxurious lifestyle.

Company evaded millions in cigarette tax through duty free fraud

AUSTRAC information assisted authorities with an investigation into a company suspected of a multi-million dollar duty free fraud.

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