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Format: 24/06/2018
Format: 24/06/2018
Exemption from “tipping off” prohibitions granted to HSBC

AUSTRAC has granted permission to the Australian arm of HSBC to share its suspicious matter information with its independent compliance monitor.

Case study now available: AUSTRAC helps to dismantle international drug syndicate

AUSTRAC information and expert analysis has contributed to the dismantling of an international drug syndicate, according to a case study released today.

Money laundering – using business express deposit boxes and internet banking

AUSTRAC has released a new analysis report about serious organised crime groups using business express deposit boxes and internet banking to avoid ‘know your customer’ requirements.

AUSTRAC takes Federal Court action against three Tabcorp companies

AUSTRAC has filed papers in the Federal Court against three Tabcorp group companies for extensive, significant and systemic non-compliance with Australia’s AML/CTF legislation.

AUSTRAC strengthens information exchange with Bangladesh

AUSTRAC has today signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Bangladesh.

Money laundering – PEPs, corruption and foreign bribery

A new report from AUSTRAC will help Australian businesses – our first line of defence – identify suspicious behaviours of people moving corrupt funds into Australia.

AUSTRAC to exchange financial intelligence with Russia and two more countries

Australia’s international network to track illicit funds has been further boosted with the signing of MoUs with Russia, Bahrain and the Turks & Caicos Islands.

Real estate agents and lawyers vulnerable to money laundering risk

AUSTRAC has released two new reports to help Australian businesses identify money laundering methodologies used through real estate agents and lawyers.

AUSTRAC has required Canberra Southern Cross Club to appoint an external auditor

Canberra Southern Cross Club Limited (CSCC) has been required to appoint an external auditor to assess and help improve its compliance with AML/CTF laws.

Largest fine in AUSTRAC's history

AUSTRAC has fined one of the world’s largest remittance network providers almost $0.5 million for systemic contraventions of Australia’s AML/CTF laws.