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AUSTRAC's guidance notes contain information regarding certain provisions of the AML/CTF Act and AML/CTF Rules, to provide assistance to reporting entities in meeting their obligations.

Current AUSTRAC guidance notes

View the Word file What constitutes a Remittance Network Provider (Word, 2.3MB) (12/03)
View the PDF file What constitutes a Remittance Network Provider (PDF, 1.5MB) (12/03)

View the PDF file AML/CTF Compliance Officers (PDF, 80KB) (08/02)

View the PDF file Assessment of comparable AML/CTF laws in foreign countries (PDF, 90KB) (09/02)

View the PDF file Collection of 'if known' reportable details in relation to the individual conducting a threshold transaction (where the individual is not the customer of the designated service) (PDF, 70KB) (10/02)

View the PDF file Correspondent banking (PDF, 324KB) (07/01)

View the PDF file Countermeasures applied to Iran (PDF, 82KB) (12/02) - updated April 2014

View the PDF file Definition of 'bullion' under the AML/CTF Act (PDF, 80KB) (09/01)

View the PDF file Designated business groups (PDF, 253KB) (07/05)

View the PDF file Exemptions and modifications under the AML/CTF Act (PDF, 295KB) (07/03)

View the PDF file Gambling services (PDF, 92KB) (08/03)

View the PDF file Identification requirements in Threshold Transaction Reports (TTRs) from 1 October 2011 (PDF, 78KB) (10/01)

View the PDF file International funds transfer instructions (electronic) - when to report (PDF, 662KB) (11/01)

View the PDF file International funds transfer instruction reporting requirements for items 1 and 2 of section 46 of the AML/CTF Act (PDF, 185KB) (09/03)

View the PDF file No-action letters (PDF, 79KB) (08/01)

View the PDF file Opening an account (PDF, 70KB) (07/07)

View the PDF file Record-keeping requirements (108KB) (08/04)

View the PDF file Register of Providers of Designated Remittance Services (PDF, 308KB) (07/02)

View the PDF file Registration obligations for remittance service providers from 1 November 2011 (PDF, 119KB) (12/01)

View the PDF file Risk management and AML/CTF programs (PDF, 322KB) (07/04)

View the PDF file Threshold Transaction Reports (TTRs): customers using an ADI other than their account provider when depositing physical currency (PDF, 72KB) (10/03)

View the PDF file Verification of identity (e-verification) (PDF, 101KB) (11/02)


Draft AUSTRAC guidance notes

There are currently no draft guidance notes for consultation.

Submissions on draft guidance notes should be sent to:

Director, Technical Development and Advice
PO Box 5516



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