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Exemptions granted

Under section 248 of the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006 (AML/CTF Act) the AUSTRAC CEO, may, by written instrument, exempt a specified person from one or more specified provisions of the AML/CTF Act, or declare that the AML/CTF Act applies in relation to a person as if one or more provisions of the AML/CTF Act were modified as specified in the declaration. Under this section copies of all exemptions and modifications must be made available on the AUSTRAC website.

Under section 41A of the Financial Transaction Reports Act 1988 (FTR Act), the AUSTRAC CEO may, by written instrument, exempt a specified person from one or more provisions of the FTR Act.

Exemptions made by the AUSTRAC CEO under the AML/CTF Act

ABN Amro (PDF, 170KB)

Absolute Alpha Pty Ltd (PDF, 44KB)

Acorn Prudential Limited (PDF, 1.2MB)

Ancient Order of Foresters in Victoria Friendly Society Ltd (PDF, 30KB)

Anglican Managed Investments Fund Diocese of Bathurst (PDF, 338KB)

Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (PDF, 736KB)

Australian Energy Market Operator Ltd (AEMO) (PDF, 565KB)

Australian Friendly Society Ltd (PDF, 50KB)

Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS) (PDF, 33KB)

Automatic Data Processing Limited (PDF, 504KB)

BHP Billiton (PDF, 49KB)

BHP Billiton Olympic Dam Corporation Pty Ltd (PDF, 56KB)

BHP Coal Pty Ltd (PDF, 150KB)

BHP Coal Pty Ltd - Exemption 4 of 2016 (PDF, 218KB)

BMW Financial Services New Zealand Ltd (PDF, 76KB)

Boardroom Financial Services Pty Limited

BQL Management Pty Ltd (PDF, 351KB)

Campus Living Villages Pty Limited (PDF, 1.48MB)

Capricorn Society Limited (PDF, 531KB)

Cargill Australia Financial Services Pty Ltd (PDF, 545KB)

Cargill Australia Limited (PDF, 570KB)

CBH Grain Pty Ltd (PDF, 110KB)

CBH Group (PDF, 185KB)

CCI Investment Management Ltd (PDF, 436KB)

Centrelink and RED Prepaid Card Services - Basics Card (PDF, 670KB)

Charter Hall Escrow Agent Pty Ltd (PDF, 54KB)

Citigroup Pty Limited - Bank of Queensland (PDF, 130KB)

Citigroup Pty Limited - CUSCAL (PDF, 70KB)

CoINVEST Limited (PDF, 392KB)

Commonwealth Bank of Australia Ltd (PDF, 73KB)

Commonwealth Bank of Australia - Exemption 15 of 2017 (PDF, 132KB)

Commonwealth Department of Human Services & Indue Limited (PDF, 196KB)

Combined Life Insurance Company of Australia Limited (PDF, 60KB)

Computershare - employee share plans (PDF, 185KB)

Computershare - share sale facility (PDF, 125KB)

Computershare Plan Managers Pty Ltd (PDF, 81KB)

CPU Share Plans Pty Ltd (PDF, 87KB)

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu (PDF, 340KB)

Department of Human Services (PDF, 588KB)

Exemption - subsection 51B(1): specified remittance affiliates of remittance network providers (PDF, 640KB)

Exemption - Transitional Arrangements - Digital Currency Exchange Providers (PDF, 105KB)

Fairview Equity Partners Pty Ltd (PDF, 980KB)

Genriche Pty Ltd (PDF, 86KB)

Gold Fields (Agnew Gold Mining Company Pty Ltd & St Ives Gold Mining Company Pty Limited) (PDF, 1,047KB)

Gold Fields (Darlot Mining Company Pty Ltd) (PDF, 80KB)

Gold Fields (GSM Mining Company Pty Ltd) (PDF, 76KB)

Hannover Life Re of Australasia Ltd (PDF, 50KB)

HCL Australia Service Pty Ltd (PDF, 44KB)

HSBC Australia Entities (PDF, 455KB)

HSBC Australia Entities 2017 (PDF, 436KB)

Indue Limited (PDF, 591KB)

Indue Ltd - Exemption 14 of 2017 (PDF, 35KB)

Indue Pty Ltd (PDF, 51KB)

Infigen Energy Group (PDF, 622KB)

International Air Transport Association (IATA) (PDF, 73KB)

International Power Australia (PDF 332KB)

Jam Payments Pty Ltd (PDF, 468KB)

La Trobe University (PDF, 47KB)

Lifeplan Australia Friendly Society Limited - wealth preserver (PDF, 560KB)

Lifeplan Australia Friendly Society Limited - child advancement policy (PDF, 369KB)

Lifeplan Australia Friendly Society Limited - child advancement policy - updated (PDF, 370KB)

Metro Real Estate (PDF, 41KB)

Mittopay Pty Ltd (PDF, 50KB)

Mutual Management Services Ltd – Exemption 12 of 2017 (PDF, 258KB)

Northern Territory Department of Treasury (PDF, 68KB)

NSW Treasury Corporation, NT Treasury Corporation, QLD Treasury Corporation, SA Government Financing Authority, Tasmanian Public Finance Corporation, Treasury Corporation of Victoria, WA Treasury Corporation (PDF, 275KB)

NSW Trustee and Guardian (PDF, 77KB)

Paccar Financial Pty Ltd (PDF, 347KB)

Pacific Custodians (PDF, 598KB)

Pfizer Australia Superannuation Pty Ltd as trustee for The Pfizer Australia Superannuation Plan (PDF, 40KB)

Playford Capital Pty Ltd (PDF, 446KB)

Precision Administration Services Pty Ltd

Public Trustee for the Australian Capital Territory (PDF, 429KB)

Public Trustee for the Northern Territory (431KB)

Public Trustee of Queensland (PDF, 428KB)

Public Trustee of South Australia (424KB)

Public Trustee of Tasmania (PDF, 427KB)

Public Trustee of Western Australia (PDF, 441KB)

Public Trustee of Western Australia - mortgage secured lending business (PDF, 350KB)

QBE Management Services Pty Ltd (PDF, 519KB)

QRAA (Queensland Rural Adjustment Authority) (PDF, 473KB)

QSuper (PDF, 347KB)

Queensland Power Trading Corporation trading as Enertrade (PDF, 84KB)

Reserve Bank of Australia (PDF, 56KB)

Residential Tenancies Authority of Queensland (PDF, 50KB)

Rio Tinto Group (PDF, 625KB)

South Australian Film Corporation (PDF, 50KB)

State Trustees Limited (PDF, 433KB)

Super Investment Management Pty Ltd (PDF, 40KB)

Superannuation Funds Management Corporation of South Australia (PDF, 353KB)

Tab Entities and Legal Practitioners (PDF, 102KB)

Tabcorp Group and UBET Group 2018 (PDF, 80KB)

Tasmanian Department of Treasury (PDF, 48KB)

Telstra Corporation Limited (PDF, 41KB)

Territory Housing (PDF, 85KB)

The Foundation for Young Australians (PDF, 77KB)

The Trust Company (Australia) Limited (PDF, 60KB)

Third Link Investment Managers Pty Ltd (PDF, 42KB)

Tullett Prebon (Australia) Pty Ltd (PDF, 53KB)

Victorian Funds Management Corporation (VFMC) (PDF, 557KB)

Watson Wyatt Superannuation Pty Ltd as trustee for the P&O Australia Superannuation Fund (PDF, 40KB)

Watson Wyatt Superannuation Pty Ltd as trustee for Uncle Tobys Superannuation Fund (PDF, 40KB)

Western Australian Department of Education Services (PDF, 55KB)

Western Australian Department of Treasury & Finance (PDF, 53KB)

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Modifications made by the AUSTRAC CEO under the AML/CTF Act

American Express International Inc (PDF, 3MB)

Archer Capital Group (PDF, 81KB)

Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (PDF, 40KB)

Babcock & Brown International Pty Ltd (PDF, 68KB)

Babcock & Brown Limited (PDF, 58KB)

Bennelong Funds Management Limited 2017 (PDF, 354KB)

Change Global Exchange Pty Ltd (PDF, 373KB)

CheckVault Pty Ltd (PDF, 44KB)

Declaration - managed investment schemes and pre-commencement customers (PDF, 55KB)

Declaration - modification of section 38 applicable customer identification procedure (PDF, 48KB)

Declaration - modification of section 45 reports of international funds transfer instructions (PDF, 1MB)

Declaration - modification of subsection 75M(4) registered persons to advise of material changes in circumstances (PDF, 195KB)

Diners Club Pty Limited (PDF, 615KB)

National Australia Bank Limited (PDF, 608KB)

Newcastle Permanent Building Society Limited & Newcastle Friendly Society Limited (PDF, 401KB)

Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility (NAIF) (PDF, 205KB)

PayPal Australia Pty Ltd (PDF, 65KB) 

PayPal Australia Pty Ltd - extension 1 (PDF, 42KB)

PayPal Australia Pty Ltd - extension 2 (PDF, 471KB)

PayPal Australia Pty Ltd - extension 3 (PDF, 451KB)

PayPal Australia Pty Ltd - extension 4 (PDF, 243KB)

PayPal Australia Pty Ltd - Declaration 1 of 2016 (PDF, 38KB)

PayPal Australia Pty Ltd – Declaration 2 of 2018 (PDF, 46KB)

Quadrant Private Equity (PDF, 55KB)

The Royal Bank of Scotland plc (PDF, 559KB)

Waratah Co-op Housing Society (PDF, 60KB)

Westpac Banking Corporation (PDF, 48KB)

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Exemptions made by the AUSTRAC CEO under the FTR Act

Account-blocking obligations under section 18 of the FTR Act (PDF, 20KB)

Australian Postal Corporation (PDF, 50KB)

Man Investments Australia Ltd (PDF, 493KB)

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