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Reporting through AUSTRAC Online

Submitting transaction reports via AUSTRAC Online

AUSTRAC Online provides a secure system enabling the protection of confidential information when submitting transaction reports.

Reports can be submitted to AUSTRAC via one of the following methods:

  • Data entry - suitable for regulated entities who submit single or low volumes of AML/CTF Act or FTR Act reports.
  • Spreadsheet - for multiple transactions of the same type of AML/CTF Act report. This method is useful for reporting entities with medium volumes of reports. This method is not available for FTR Act report types.
  • Extraction - for reporting entities with large volumes of reports. All reporting entities wishing to use this method are required to undergo an 'XML test file' process prior to being able to submit reports via the XML reporting method through their AUSTRAC Online business account. For further information and support, contact the AUSTRAC Contact Centre at contact@austrac.gov.au or telephone 1300 021 037. This method is not available for FTR Act report types.

How to advise AUSTRAC if an incorrect transaction report is submitted

The Secure Messages function within the transaction reporting environment of AUSTRAC Online is a secure means of sending and receiving messages containing confidential information between AUSTRAC and you.

AUSTRAC recommends the use of the Secure Messages function when you or AUSTRAC need to communicate on sensitive and confidential matters relating to customers and their transactions or activities.

You can locate the Secure Messages function by selecting the 'Administration' link in the Transaction Reporting menu of your AUSTRAC Online account.

Submitting AML/CTF compliance reports via AUSTRAC Online

Reporting entities with an AML/CTF compliance reporting obligation can access their report by logging into the AUSTRAC Online business account and navigating to the compliance reporting page. During the AML/CTF compliance report lodgement period reporting entities can create, complete and submit their report via AUSTRAC Online.

PDF copies of your previous compliance reports can also be accessed through AUSTRAC Online.

A reporting entity's AML/CTF compliance report can only be submitted electronically by users with 'Administrator' level access to the AUSTRAC Online business account.

Need further assistance?

For help regarding electronic reporting via AUSTRAC Online business accounts, or your obligations under the AML/CTF Act or FTR Act, contact the AUSTRAC Contact Centre at contact@austrac.gov.au or phone 1300 021 037 (a local call within Australia).

For further information about AO please read the AUSTRAC Online FAQs or visit the About AUSTRAC Online page.

Last modified: 21/11/2018 12:22