Fraud warning



AUSTRAC has become aware of scams involving the misuse of the AUSTRAC logo and/or the impersonation of AUSTRAC staff.

The scammers, who claim to represent AUSTRAC, may ask members of the public to pay a 'penalty fee' via money transfer to avoid 'prosecution', to release 'a significant money transfer' or for similar fraudulent reasons.

AUSTRAC will never act in the manner described above. AUSTRAC does not:

  • freeze accounts or transactions
  • charge fees to members of the public for the purposes described above.

If you are contacted in a manner similar to those described above, do not respond or engage in further communication with the person making the request. Report the matter directly to local police and advise the AUSTRAC Help Desk on 1300 021 037.

Further information regarding scams can be obtained from the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission's 'SCAMwatch' website and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission's 'MoneySmart' website.



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