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Joint task forces

Project Wickenby

Project Wickenby is a multi-agency task force established in 2006 to prevent people from promoting and participating in the abusive use of secrecy jurisdictions.

The task force consists of eight federal departments and agencies, including AUSTRAC, and is led by the Australian Taxation Office.

AUSTRAC contributes financial transaction information and analysis, which is used by Project Wickenby to identify possible targets and uncover the international movement of funds to new and emerging secrecy jurisdictions.

More about Project Wickenby

The Australian Taxation Office's Tax Matters website explains how Project Wickenby helps keep Australia's tax system fair and effective.

The Australian Taxation Office's Project Wickenby web page details key objectives and the roles of the various government agencies involved.

Project Wickenby funds flows for 2012-13

AUSTRAC has published its analysis of funds flows between Australia and 13 tax secrecy jurisdictions for

Jericho Waterfront Taskforce

The following is a joint media release with the Queensland Police Service, Australian Customs and Border Protection Service, Australian Crime Commission, Australian Taxation Office and AUSTRAC.

Joint agency media release: Queensland waterfront taskforce arrests two men over cocaine import
19 March 2014

Eligo National Task Force

The Eligo National Task Force is a special investigation into the misuse of remittance and informal value transfer systems by serious and organised crime.

The task force comprises the Australian Crime Commission, AUSTRAC and the Australian Federal Police, in partnership with the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service and state and territory police.

Eligo fact sheets for remittance businesses

The Eligo task force has released a series of fact sheets for remittance business containing information about the work of the task force and guidance for entities on detecting and deterring money laundering activity.

View the PDF FileTask Force Eligo: Fact sheet (PDF, 1.1MB)

View the PDF File Task Force Eligo: Identifying suspicious behaviour (PDF, 734KB)

View the PDF File Task Force Eligo: Money laundering (PDF, 1.1MB)

View the PDF FileTask Force Eligo case study: Consistently inconsistent (PDF, 716KB)

Read the joint agency Eligo media release from 23 January 2014.

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