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Regulator performance framework

The Australian government has established the Regulator Performance Framework (RPF) to assess regulators’ performance when interacting with business, the community and individuals.

The RPF seeks to:

  • improve the way regulators operate
  • reduce the costs incurred by business, individuals and the community from the administration of regulation
  • increase the public accountability and transparency of regulators.

Under the RPF all regulators must self-assess their performance every 12 months. 

AUSTRAC’s 2015-16 self-assessment

AUSTRAC’s first RPF assessment period was from 1 July 2015 to 30 June 2016.

During the assessment period AUSTRAC:

  • collected data and evidence to inform our assessment against the RPF
  • completed a self-assessment report
  • sought and considered external feedback from our stakeholders. 

AUSTRAC regulator performance self-assessment 2015-16 (Word, 148KB)

AUSTRAC regulator performance self-assessment 2015-16 (PDF, 134KB)

Last modified: 16/12/2016 14:48