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Our culture statement

Our evolution

Our journey began in 1989 and continues. From its inception AUSTRAC has been an agency that was recognised for being the first in so many initiatives related to anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing (AML/CTF) both domestically and internationally – and nothing has changed. It is, if you like, in our DNA.

At AUSTRAC we understand that Culture ‘just doesn’t happen’ and that we have a shared responsibility for its evolution. Culture is important because our most essential investment is and always will be in our people and nothing impacts our people more than Culture.

We have embraced a ‘One AUSTRAC’ philosophy by removing hard silos. This is a positive reflection of our growing ‘self-awareness’.

We understand that we are both a highly professional organisation with an extremely serious mandate – yet we also understand the need for providing a supportive and flexible working environment. We are able to come together as a ‘family’. From recognising the important role that our families play to supporting colleagues in the most difficult times, we recognise the critical role the human element plays in our success.

There are many positive things about our history and the Culture we currently enjoy. We are an agency that believes in itself. We are increasingly strong, confident, self-aware and humble. Our people are intelligent, committed, passionate, fair and above all, decent human beings.

We are together committed to ensuring that our Culture continues to evolve in a very positive direction. We intentionally say evolve because we believe that our Culture journey does not have a destination. It is like DNA, constantly responding and changing to the environment that surrounds it. That includes AUSTRAC’s broad and significant mandate and our ability to combat increasingly sophisticated international terrorism and crime, the erosion of national boundaries, cyber and the rapid pace of technological change.

Most importantly, we recognise that trust is the glue that binds our organisation together. Everything we do is about enhancing trust – trust is the embodiment of Culture and whilst we have made strong inroads in recent times we understand how fragile trust is. We know that like anything fragile, trust requires constant support and nurturing and cannot at any time be taken for granted.

What we’re all about

AUSTRAC is all about creating community value.

In AUSTRAC ‘community’ means;

  1. All within AUSTRAC;
  2. Our Private, Non-Government Organisation and Government Partners, Reporting Entities and Stakeholders;
  3. The International Community; and, most importantly
  4. Our 24 million fellow Australians.

In AUSTRAC ‘value’ means:

  1. Preventing, detecting, and disrupting money laundering and terrorism financing risks and threats that affect Australia’s financial system and contributing to the growth of Australia’s economy; and
  2. Playing an important role in protecting our nation and citizens from serious organised crime and terrorism.

We understand that maximum community value is realised when we collaborate with all of the AUSTRAC community at different times and in different ways.

How we behave around here


  • we treat everyone in every situation with dignity and respect (this is our cornerstone)
  • we are proud, dedicated professionals committed to delivering community value 
  • we believe that Public Service is our obligation not our job description
  • we value diverse skillsets and strive to be the very best that we can be as individuals and as an organisation
  • we embrace leadership as a collective experience and responsibility
  • we treat others as we would want to be treated ourselves
  • we recognise the diverse needs of our workforce by making our work environment seamless, flexible, innovative, collaborative and enjoyable
  • we embrace and support diversity of thinking and encourage people to say respectfully what they really think without fear of retribution
  • we encourage, reward and celebrate our successes and that of our partners 
  • we are a learning organisation not afraid to acknowledge what we don’t know and when something goes wrong we default to blameless problem solving
  • we value integrity, transparency and mutual trust
  • we are biased towards action and doing the right thing for our community
  • we look for ‘culture fit’ and ‘team players’ when we recruit
  • we give timely feedback personally, openly, honestly and respectfully and for the right reasons 
  • we look after one another and ensure each other’s safety and wellbeing

We live Culture

We constantly monitor the health of our Culture.

Our internal governance framework, leadership framework and strategic priorities are all in alignment with our Culture. This coupled with a comprehensive network of communication including opportunities to provide regular feedback via surveys, online forums and of course formally appointed roles including Workplace Health and Safety Officers, AUSTRAC Consultative Group members and Workplace Harassment Contact Officers, provides a real time ‘health check’ of how we are performing and our people are feeling.

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